The More Things Change...

You took your time, thought about it long and hard and have now decided on your fitness goals. You’ve written them down so you can be gently reminded where you’re going and what it’s going to look like when you get there. So, what’s next?

Wading through the mountains of information from the newest workout to the latest diet tricks and supplementation schemes is where the billions are made and you just get confused and fail to make the progress you felt you were promised.

Riddle me this Batman... if the same workout program, the same diet, the same supplementation, hydration and recovery plan works, why are you being bombarded with ads selling the latest 45-second workout, eat-whatever-and-as-much-as-you-want diet or a pill guaranteed to have you wake up weighing less than ever? And... why do you need to spend the money?

Yet, we still squat, deadlift, bench press and shoulder press - and can't find any better movements for burning fat and building strength. Why? Because they work and they've always worked. Compound movements, those involving multiple joints and muscle groups produce the best results. Energy balance (calories) is still the overriding factor in weight loss/gain, macronutrient profile still determines muscle and fat loss/gain and hydration and rest still play crucial roles in the success of a transformation. 

A simple, resistance training program built around the major lifts combined with a moderate daily calorie deficit (when trying to lose weight) eaten in the correct macronutrient profile will produce fabulous results – if you stick with the program consistently, hydrate properly and get adequate rest. It won’t happen overnight – it never has and it never will. If it was easy everyone would look like a fitness model. So show up every day and do some work – the results will be there. In the words of Dan John, “Most champions are built by punch-the-clock workouts rather than extraordinary efforts."