Nutrition - the Powerball of your workout program. But food is the Powerball of life. Eating is so many things - in our culture and every culture. It's energy our body needs. Nourishment to the soul – good times with family and friends. Backyard barbecues to Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. Just watch TV and you're bound to see a commercial showing people having the time of their life around a table surrounded by family and friends. It resonates with us because we’ve all done it. And there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s what makes life awesome.

We’re here to show you that it’s possible to have delicious food and still reach your goals. Check back often for recipes and eating strategies that will keep you on track while you’re travelling to your dream destinations, eating at restaurants and loving the good times.

You can’t always eat whatever you like but you can always like whatever you eat.
— Henry M. Dubois

Protein-Balanced Pancakes Dripping With Syrup

Syrup, pancakes, whipped cream, chocolate chips, blueberries and walnuts. Yeah! The balance of carbs and protein will keep you feeling full. They don’t take long to make and their versatility means you can try all kinds of different add-ins while still hitting your calorie and macro goals.

Quick 2.JPG

Single-Pan Quick Chicken

This is something we do on nights when we have something going on that won’t leave us much time for cooking. This is a hot meal, done quickly, that can take on many different flavors. It all depends on the spices and vegetables you use.


The Secret To Yardbird

Here’s the secret to cooking delicious, juicy chicken breast that’s tasty, high in protein and very low in fat. It’s all in the preparation and managing the heat when you cook it. But it’s not difficult at all. Once you learn this technique you’ll fall in love with yardbird all over again.


Taco Tuesday Seasoning

We love tacos – really– who doesn’t? But we never liked the taco seasoning we got in packets. It was too salty and had ingredients we couldn’t pronounce. So, after much searching on the internet, experimenting and adapting, we came up with our own. You can use any kind of meat – ground beef, steak, chicken or pork – give them all a try!

Beef Stew 3.JPG

Hearty Beef Stew

Once the weather turns cold we start thinking about a hot, hearty meal that warms you up from head to toe. This beef stew is just the thing! You can use a roast or ground beef with any vegetables you happen to have around.