Client Testimony

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 So...I started working out with Eva and Henry in late December 2016. Blood sugar was in the 160s and generally felt terrible. Today, sugar levels are routinely in the 90s and I have lost more than 3 inches in my waste. I cannot possibly tell you guys how much these two have completely transformed my life. I didn’t have any hope of being healthy. Ever. Period. I had accepted the fact that I would always be unhealthy. Let me tell you. That has changed completely in just 5 months. These two are more that trainers. They are my friends and family. They are amazing people and cannot imagine my life without them in it. Thank you guys!
— Jon S.

I was referred to Eva through a family member she’s been PHENOMENAL to work with! I’m a male, online-distance client that resides in Houston and pushing 40; with corporate travel, responsibilities my overall fitness had spiraled in a direction I’d never thought it would given my past athletic history and habits. Eva is fantastic at consistently checking on my overall goals (not all are the same), creating a customized program that fits my both my needs and wants, while also providing accurate assessments with a challenging, yet caring and encouraging program. It should also be said she also holds me accountable, but far from providing that in a burdensome or annoying way.
The results: the way I have felt from a couple of weeks and beyond has helped me feel like I did years ago. At this point the way I look, my strength and conditioning is definitely near or possibly above where I was “during my hay-day” in college or mid-20’s, yet all with her being attentive to an old lower back issue. With Eva’s prior, applied-clinical background and years of training experience she has been successfully willing and able to listen and properly adjust my program, accordingly. Very few can do that from afar, but she’s been amazing and (somehow) able to dial in my efforts while not having me re-injuring myself.
It’s stronger and as issue-free as it has been in 20 years.
The attention to detail, strong guidance, supporting resources, and challenging encouragement from Eva and this program has easily paid itself off…and then some. I’ve been extremely happy with Eva and Shifting Years as a client - and extremely proud to say so. My mind, body, and spirit tell me so every day!
— Thomas P.

Shifting Years is awesome! Eva is a gift from God! I had no motivation to go to the gym or knowledge of the gym. So I hated going to the gym. Eva has helped me get healthier and most of all greatly reduced the amount of joint pain that I sometimes suffer from. Overall, this is a great business for any level of fitness.
— Chantel P.

I have been a member of several different big chain gyms, so I can tell you from experience that Shifting Years Health and Fitness provides so much more to help you meet your fitness goals. I have worked with Eva for six months so far, and she takes into account my strengths and weaknesses, and continually motivates me to keep working toward my goal. I find this refreshing and uplifting. I have never found dedication like this in a chain gym. Eva is an awesome fitness coach, and I would encourage anyone, no matter his or her current level of fitness, to take advantage of the services Shifting Years provides. If you stick to it, you will become a happier, healthier you.
— Cathy D.

Eva, with Shifting Years, is amazing! My 12 year old daughter wanted to improve her strength, endurance and agility to try out for the middle school basketball team. Choosing a personal trainer for a child was pretty scary for me. I didn’t want to do anything that would hurt her, but I also wanted to make sure she learned the proper form for workouts. Eva was the PERFECT teacher! She understands what’s appropriate for children and made sure my daughter learned perfect form. My daughter found Eva to be engaging, encouraging, and inspiring. She LOVES her workouts!
— Carissa A.

Eva is everything I could ask for in not only a trainer but a friend. She is so personable, warm, and encouraging. I have been looking for a trainer for a long time, and the first time I met Eva, I knew she was the perfect trainer for me. I have worked with a trainer in the past and never knew just how much I was missing out on until I met Eva. Eva offers the whole package and more. It is evident that Eva loves what she does as she has so much passion for helping others achieve the results they desire. Eva does so much more than what we do in the gym together—providing at home/gym workouts, offers nutrition education and goals, and constantly adapting my fitness program as needed. She and Henry have become so much more than trainers—they have become friends. They are professional, approachable, and simply put, good people. Eva has thanked me for investing in her, but in all honesty, I thank her for investing in me!
— Sam L.

Working with Eva has been a fabulous experience. She has taught fitness and martial arts for many years and understands and allows for the challenges and limitations inherent in training seniors like me and has put together a program tailor-made to help me reach my desired fitness goals. Additionally, her 20+ years working in orthopedics makes her very aware of how muscles, joints and nerves work, so I know that she won’t let me injure myself through incorrect form. I highly recommend Eva and Henry. They are quite simply the best trainers you could have.
— Joleen D.
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After retiring from the sport of swimming, finishing college, and beginning graduate school, it became a challenge to motivate myself to stay physically active without having the discipline of a strict routine. When I first met my sister and brother-in-law’s physical trainers, Henry and Eva, there was no doubt I would be in good hands as I reengage myself in a more structured exercise schedule. The beginning of the process was strenuous and it appeared too easy to give up when fatigue and soreness were the only things I felt. Henry kept encouraging me to do my absolute best and reminded me that the end goal will be very rewarding if I continue to work hard. This challenged not only my physical strength but also my mental toughness in more ways than I imagined. The greatest lesson Henry emphasized and what I use on a daily basis is showing up and performing the best of my ability. There are several days where other distractions in life catch my attention or the desire to overindulge in various foods seem more appealing than my macro count. We are all human and we may not get it right 100% of the time, but overcoming the fear of failing is important when striving for success.
Being an online client means I have to hold myself accountable to following through with all of the assigned exercises, which can be challenging at times. It works very well for myself and it can work for anyone who may not have the time to attend one-on-one training sessions. Maintaining physical strength and, overall, well-being is an important aspect of my life and it will continue to be in years to come with the help of trainers like Henry.
— Julia P.

I highly recommend Eva and Henry! I have been working with Eva three days a week for five months and I love every minute of my time there! I am 57 years old and have a leg length difference among other ortho problems. Eva created a personalized plan for me and makes appropriate accommodations for my ortho issues. That does not mean that she cuts me slack! She watches me carefully when I am having difficulty and makes suggestions to keep me working safely with good form. I feel great, both physically and emotionally after each workout. I am feeling stronger, more confident, and can even see measurable results in my blood pressure and blood sugar, not to mention my body. I never imagined myself doing weight training, but I am hooked!
— Laura Lynn B.

I cannot fully express how pleased I have been with my experience working with Shifting Years Health and Fitness. Eva and Henry are great. This is the place for you if you wish to improve your fitness level or increase and maintain Functionality. This is not cookie cutter gym. You will get a custom fitness plan based on your fitness level and goals. You will not do boring cardio like hamster on a wheel, but you will sweat. I am 56 years old and have not regularly exercised in years and never lifted weights. I have been especially pleased with the modification of exercises to meet my needs and the great attention to preferences when assisting me with a nutrition plan. I heartily recommend Shifting Years Health And Fitness.
— Tina H.

I’ve been working out consistently for many years at various gyms. But despite my efforts over the recent years and as I passed 40, my weight was creeping up and my performance at the gym was stagnant. Frustrated, I decided I needed some professional help. I found Henry and Eva from Shifting Years and set up a consultation. It was clear from our first meeting that they were extremely knowledgeable and passionate about fitness. A custom plan was put together with my goals in mind and we set off to work. After 5 weeks , at 3 times a week, it has been a challenging and rewarding experience. It has redefined fitness for me. They have pushed me harder than I would have ever pushed myself. Before joining, I thought I was strong. I thought I worked out hard. I was wrong on both counts. If you are serious about making a change in your fitness level, as a beginner or you’re someone like me who’s been working out for decades and needs a fresh start, you should start with Shifting Years. I am so happy I did.
— Doug M.

Before I decided to join Shifting Years I did not even realize how important it was for me to stay active for not only my body, but also my mind. Eva has helped me so much to prepare myself for a healthy life! I absolutely love coming to work out and getting to talk to them about improving myself in all types of ways. I have never felt so great! Shifting Years has helped push me harder than ever and it is definitely worth it because I am seeing great results. I wish everyone was able to work with Shifting Years so that people could understand how important staying healthy really is. You will definitely not regret it.
— Hannah M.

Eva & Henry Dubois, of Shifting Years Health and Fitness, simply put, are the best trainers I have ever worked with. They are so experienced in fitness training, they will scale the training to the beginner, intermediate like me, or advanced like my son. I have always been impressed after workouts with them, but nothing compares to the job they did training my son for his black belt test. Eva not only trained him, one on one, but also counseled him on proper nutrition, with Henry assisting along the way. My son was noticeably leaner, faster and stronger, after being trained by team Dubois. I highly recommend them for any fitness training or counsel!
— Frank H.