Water, Drink It...


Why is it so important?

Approximately 67% of our body is water. In order for it to function, we have to give it the essential ingredient: H2O. Without the proper amount our bodily systems will begin to slow and eventually fail.

You’ve all seen the movies so you know if you’re stranded in the desert you’ll die from thirst long before starving to death. (Do you really want to be one of those skulls lying in the sand?) You’ve seen pre-season football games where players have been carted off the field due to cramps from dehydration. And you’ve also heard the news after athletes have died in training due to heat stroke.

Dehydration can play a huge role.

I’m not trying to scare you but hydration is important to your health in so many different ways. It’s also important to your weight loss goals. I’ve been told by clients on so many occasions, “I just can’t drink that much water” or “I’m just never thirsty.” You don’t have to be thirsty to be dehydrated.

Trust me; nothing was a bigger eye-opener than my doctor telling me the debilitating pain I had was from kidney stones because I was drinking too many caffeinated beverages and not enough water.

What exactly does water do for your body?

  1. Water keeps you feeling full. It really is an appetite suppressant.

  2. Water starts the process of removing waste from your body, i.e. staying hydrated keeps your body from holding on to waste products and those few extra pounds.

  3. There are zero calories in water, unlike most other beverages.

  4. Water helps your body digest the foods and drinks you consume.

  5. Water prevents muscle cramps from dehydration.

  6. Water regulates our body’s temperature to prevent heat exhaustion/heat stroke.

  7. Water is the essential ingredient in keeping our joints lubricated.

  8. Water helps us have amazing workouts! We’re stronger, more powerful and have the stamina to go hard all the way until the end.

  9. Water helps our skin stay smooth and soft, eases the process of digestion, promotes regularity, helps with nutrient absorption, improves blood oxygen circulation, helps fight off illness, aids in brain function – and the list goes on and on.

So, here are a few things I’ve used to help me drink more water. (This is the one time I’ll tell you there’s no limit to how much you can consume.)

  1. Put a sealed container of water next to your bed at night. When you wake in the morning, drink the container before you do anything else. This will cause a chain of positive events to happen. You’ll be thirsty all day causing you to consume more water. You’ll feel full which helps control your appetite. You’ll begin burning calories as your body goes to work processing the water.

  2. Try putting a squeeze of lemon, lime, orange or any type of natural fruit in your water for enhanced flavor. Do not add sugar!

  3. Drink an 8 ounce glass of water before every meal.

  4. Make a container of infused water. Use berries, lemon, lime, basil, rosemary, mint, cucumber, orange or anything natural to flavor your water. You can find an infusion pitcher at most stores or online here. You can also search online to find recipes for all types of infused water.

  5. If you are a calorie counter, log how much water you drink and see what it totals. Can you hit a gallon for the day?

So, how much water should each of us drink in a day?

Well, that depends on many factors: activity level, how much you sweat, age, body size, temperature, humidity, exposure to the sun and the status of your health. It’s difficult to assign a number.

So, let’s make it as simple as possible. Try to drink enough water to make your urine almost clear every time you go. Clearer means more hydrated and that means more benefits.

Most of the earth is covered by water and most of your body is made up of water – drink it – and lots of it.